Scheduled Maintenance

Routine visits to Ace Auto Repair adds year's to your vehicle's life.

Scheduled Maintenance as Good as the Dealership

If you're driving a newer car, then there's a good chance you've already experienced the sticker shock of going to a local Baltimore dealership for scheduled maintenance. It's no secret that oil changes, tune ups, tire rotation, and other services cost more at the dealership, but few realize that Ace Auto Repair offers the same (if not better) service at cheaper prices.

Scheduled maintenance, also called preventative maintenance, is a plan set forth by your car's manufacturer and details how often you'll need oil changes or other service. At Ace Auto Repair, we're well acquainted with the service schedules of a wide variety of models and understand exactly what's needed at every stop of the process.

In addition to keeping your car running well in Baltimore, a scheduled maintenance service at Ace Auto Repair comes with the extra benefit of quality. We'll always use OEM parts or better and we've worked hard to earn our strong reputation for providing affordable preventative maintenance that keeps your warranty intact.

Compare the prices for scheduled maintenance in Baltimore and you'll see why Ace Auto Repair is a winner. Call 410-466-2842 to set up your next visit.


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